May 11, 2005


Well FINALLY! Today, after 3 days if irratibility, Raegan finally revealed her first tooth!! Now granted, it's not above the gum line yet, but you can SEE a TOOTH in my girls MOUTH!! I will post a picture as soon as she lets me poke around in there with the camera. It may be a while.

On a side note, Alyca gets an A+ for her scrapbook assignment. She turned in THREE pages on her family.. be sure to go to her blog and check them out. No, the funny cartoon does not count towards her total.

I'd like to invite Davinie to make the next assignment. We all need encouragement to make our pages. Maybe something with the title "I didn't know.." we could have a lot of fun with that! But, It's Davinie's call this time as she has a demanding wee one so her time is FULL.

Keep your eye peeled for our tooth pictures!!

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