July 05, 2005

Well THAT was fun!

So, for the first time in YEARS we actually DID something for the 4th of July. ( thank you Davinie for inviting us!)
We started out the day walking in the Bend Pet Parade. There were SO MANY people with thier pets and children walking that I'm surprised there were spectators AT ALL. Raegan spent the majority of the walk in her stroller, which was covered with crep paper and foam stars. I was a beautiful day, the sun was out, and she was having a good time of it! Chloe and Lola were covered in stars themselves, and were very bwell behaved the whole time! It was so fun! There was even this kid walking in the parade carrying around a tiny aquarium with his turtle in it.
After the parade, we headed back to the house to drop off the pups and let Raegan take her afternoon nap. Davinie, Steve and Morgan went on to the fun in Sunriver.
After nap time we headed over to a friends house and met up with the group coming home from Sunriver. We had a yummy BBQ dinner, and Raegan actually spent sime time in the pool! Didn't even think to grab my camera, but her swimsuit is SO darned cute!! I'll shoot a picture of it soon..
After the BBQ we all headed over to this other friend of Davinies house and watched some fireworks. I also smoked a HUGE swisher Sweet Cigar with Steve ( THANK YOU STEVE) and drank a beer. te hee! It was fun! Raegan didn't mind the fireorks too much, but the loud ones got some BIG eyes out of the gal! She finally passed out in my arms around 9:45, so we headed home. Saw some of the BIG fireworks from the car on the drive, but not much. Came home, put baby bean to bed ( changed her and everything and she slept through it) and passed out ourselves. All in all, a great day!
I am such a hermit these days it was really great to get out and DO something for a change! Gonna have to do this more often!

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Davinie said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! I do have a fun group of friends, don't I!