July 30, 2005

Because she's learning so Quickly!

Raegan sits in her toy box. Yes, IN. Darndest thing, really.... It can be full of toys, and she still manages to get her little body in there with them...Makes herself a nest in the middle and throws them all out.. till empty. She then crawls her little self out, Mama puts all the toys back in, and it starts all over. It is just SO cute to see her little body in that basket, surrounded by all her fun stuff, talking to herself as she inspects each and every thing in there before tossing it out and grabbing something new.
Mental pictures.. hopefully they last as long as the digital ones!
(finding great deals on E-bay.. hope to have a replacement camera soon! ( thank you, Pell Grant, for giving us $150 for living expenses... pay bills?? NO! We're buying a camera! Priorities...))

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