July 30, 2005

Because I Like My Carpet Shampooer

Ok Raegan, Time to change your Diaper!
OK, we're gonna lay right here
Yeah! New Diaper
No No, hold still!
No ...
Don't ......
Roll Over....
Here ,
Look at this ...
Um ......
this ....
piece of lint stuck to a popsicle wrapper .
Yeah! Fun..
yes.. wow... look at this
No, hold still!
Mama has to change your diaper!
New Diaper!
OK, OFF the old diaper!
No no, honey, hold still...
see the wrapper!
Fun fun!
OK, diaper off!
No no, honey, Hold still
Um .....
OK, look at this .....
Um .....
Lotion Bottle!
Wooo... Lotion Bottle!
Mama needs to clean off the carpet now..
Oh... and her arm..
Hold still honey!
Ok, Diaper off!
Yes, I know the carpet is wet now..
Gotta hold still honey, or we'll get more of it on the carpet!
OK, NEW diaper!
No, honey, hold still!
OK, lets scoot over here, Mama will clean that up after, OK?
Yes, NEW Diaper!
Yes, that's Mama's hair.
YEAH! New diaper!
No No, don't play in that!!
Yucky, honey!
Oh, you've got it on your leg..
Oh, and more on your diaper.
OK Honey..
Time for a New Diaper!

1 comment:

jc_people said...

Let my tell you how the diaper dance went at our house when the Corbster was that age. "Ok corb, time to get a new diaper. Hold still. Stop. (SWAT) Hmmmm, hmm,hmm. Done, (big hug) stop crying, you can go." Just a thought. ;)