August 01, 2005

I Should have Known

T-Mobile called today..... ( Matt's first day tomorow) they called to say that they couldn't hire him.. they are unable to locate his High School transcripts, so he does not have a job there till he can get that info to them.. All fine and dandy except it is August, and school is out for another month.. so there is no one at the school ( or any where else in Harney County, aparently) who can get that info to him. Matt can't get his job back at Lance Air because he wasn't able to give them 2 weeks notice... T-Mobile just told him last week that they have a job for him and he is to start tomorow.
See? I should have known. I mean really, when was the last time something REALLY right has happened in the Merritt household?
Having a bit of a pity party, I guess. That's OK, I already have all the pity party decorations, so might as well .


alyca said...

CALL THEM. Keep calling. School starts there in just a couple weeks, and there ARE people working there, you just have to figure out what number needs to be called. Schools/administration works pretty much year round, and this close to the start of the season, there MUST be someone there.

alyca said...

AND...I just looked at the harney county school district website, it seems that Dave Courtney is the superintendent of the Harney county school district, NOT the superintendent of the Crane high school. You know him. CALL HIM! He could figure out who/how you need to get ahold of the right people. Here is the school district phone number 541) 573-6811 there is also a fax number listed