July 25, 2005

Smartie Pants

Raegan is just SO smart! Like her Mommie, Raegan LOVES red grapes. Ate them by the pound when pregnant. SO.. I went out and bought a bunch, cut them into quarters, and plopped them on her trey. She eats them!! She LOVES them!! She.... SPITS OUT THE SKINS!! Silly girl! She pops a quarter in her mouth, messes around with it for a minute, and pops out the skin, which she can't chew, and grabs another! WAY FUN! This opened a whole new door for me, as it is generally recommended babs not be fed stuff with skins.. so Raegan now also eats ( less enthusiastically, I'll admit) grape tomatoes as well. Yeah!
Any other fun ideas as to what I can feed the little bean?


alyca said...

how about little beans?? Or, big ones. They are mushy if you cook them up.

Davinie said...

As the mother of a picky eater, I don't really have any food advice for you. Your child eats better than mine! However, Morgan's favorite food is blalalla's, so have you chopped up a banana for her yet? Some kids don't like the texture, but it is a staple at our house.