July 24, 2005

An assignment

OK, Here's what I need everyone to do.... I am  trying to make some fun educational stuff for Raegan, and I need your help with some of it... I am making "family flash cards" so she can start learning names, especially names of family she doesn't see as often.

Here's what I need you to do:

Decorate one side of a 3X5 index card. Write your name ( the name Raegan will call you) in BIG BOLD letters in the middle, and decorate the edges any way you like ( flat decoration) so you can doodle a picture, cut out paper in shapes, color, WHAT EVER YOU WANT. I had hoped the art work would say something about you... who you are, how she can connect the art with the person, that kind of thing.

Then, MAIL this card to me, ALONG WITH A GOOD PICTURE OF YOUR FACE ( so try no sunglasses, etc) and I will put the picture on one side with your name and art on the other, and will have them all SUPER LAMINATED at the local print shop, so she can chew them, take them in the tub, what ever she wants.

It is important that she know her family, and this is one way to keep her connected with all y'all.

I need this from EVERYONE, PLEASE!!

So, this is for you:



Aunt Davinie

Uncle Steve


Aunt Alyca

Uncle Ethan

Uncle Jobie

Aunt Alexsandra ( papa, this will be your chore...please do it!)


Now, if you'd prefer that she call you something else then what I have above, feel free to put that in! You all know that I'm Auntie Bean ( which I LOVE, thankyouverymuch) so if you want a different title, go ahead and use that!


I love you all, and THANKS in advance for doing this for me!




alyca said...

This SO does not count as a post!! When you email the exact thing, this becomes redundant. Where are those baby pictures!!!!!

Mama-Beans said...

Did you know that you can e-mail to your blog? Yes, you can! That way, if I need to let everyone know something, I can not only send it to them, but can post it for the world to see, at the same time!Makes things very easy