July 12, 2005

Ode' to a Picky Eater

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Oh my Darling Child,
why must you be so Picky?
Why will you not eat
foods slimy or just sticky?

You are just like your Father;
"Cheeze and bottles, ONLY!"
I don't know why I bother.
You're Green Beans sit there, lonley.

And then one day I found
the one thing that you'll chew.
You LIKE sphagetti noodles!
"Yes give me some, DO!"

So I cooked up a big batch
and mixed in veggies, three.
Then you began to eat them;
"Spaghetti noodles, WHEEE!"

So now, the crisis over,
my baby eating good.
I will always remember;
"Mix spaghetti in my food!"


Davinie said...

Banana? Gross!

Mama-Beans said...

I know.. she doesn't really like the bannana either, but she will eat it if it's on the noodles! POTASSIUM!

Davinie said...

You need to scrap that poem with a spaghetti eating picture. Include that photo you have here too. That's funny.

alyca said...

I cannot tell you how seriously disappointed I am that there are no swimsuits pictures up here todayl Seriously.