September 12, 2012

First Day of First Grade: Kael

Today was your first day of school, what did you think of it?

Nice. Fun. Nice.

What was your favorite part?

Playing at recess. Um, nothing else.

What did you have for lunch?

What did I have for lunch? Fishy crackers, the big ones that are big fishy crackers. Two of them. Um, And, lets see…um, hmmm, big fishy crackers and one zucchini I took a bite out of. Sliced. Haha, did you write down my coughs?? ( no, I did not). Are you going to write down everything I say Mom? ( yes) HAAAAHA HAHAHA HAAA!! Hey guys, say something she’s writing down everything I say! Earrings, hahaha, earrings, hahaha ha haa. ( you’re weird) goofball, haha haha!! The End hahaha!!! HEY PRETTY LAAADYYYYY!! (okay that’s enough)

BACK TO QUESTIONS, silly! Were there lots of new friends or lots of old friends in your class?

New ones, I actually didn’t make any friends.

Who was an old friend in your class?

Azize, well there’s ones that were in my class and ones that were not in my class. HEY PRETTY LADY!! HAHAHA~~ ( THAT’S ENOUGH OF THAT, MISTER!)

Who is your teacher?

Mrs. G.M., aaaaah, Mrs Reeve, Mrs Smith, and Mrs Goofball, haha. Um. I don’t remember her name. ( It’s Mrs Neff)

Did you like her?

She’s nice. Um she lets us play outside a lot of times.

What is one thing you’re really looking forward to this school year?

There’s actually nothing that I’m looking forward to.

Today was a full day, what did you think about that?

That it was nice. The End now for good.

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