September 10, 2012

First Day of Second Grade

Today was your first day of school, how did you like it?

It was good.

Who is your teacher

Um Miss Grant, well Gilbertson. She’s really nice. Pretty much that’s it.

What are some things you did?

Well we have our own job and mine is librarian and so that makes it so I’m, ok, so, I’m just and Today she asked me to do the couch and I was the only one who did everything because Logan was in the group and he didn’t do anything. I put the dog underneath it well it isn’t a real dog it’s stuffed. So it was real fun.

What did you have for lunch?

What I had for lunch was a burrito like in a tortilla like this kind ( taco shell) and it had this kind of beanish-meat, it’s squishy like beans and it kind of taste like beans, but it’s actually meat with cheese on it.

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part today, well it was fun because the fun part that I had was actually doing tha math part and counting to 100 cuz she didn’t tell me not to do that side and I’ actually did that side and she said three more minutes and I didn’t do that side yet and I was like ZOOM and I got that side done, and I was the first one done because I’m the fastest.

What is one neat thing you remember about today?

We get four recesses, you know. And the four recesses one of them I forgot my jacket but the next recess OK I ran to tha place where it was and I played with my friend Alyssa this game with lava on the floor but actually it was rocks. Then the lava if somebody gets stuck in it we don’t grab them, we thump on the thing instead and so that makes the lava dance and then we can escape.

Lots of old friends or lots of new friends?

Lots of old friends. Pretty much all the new friends are boys but one new friend is a girl.

What else can you tell me about second grade?

I don’t really remember the rest of it. I don’t know. That’s all.

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alyca said...

I LOOOOOVE that you do it in her 'voice'. Do you record it then type it?? Uber cool. You MUST do this yearly with both kids. How cool will it be to look back and 'hear' them???

Sabrina said...

Ha, no recording although that's a great idea! One side benefit of sitting at my stooopid computer all day is wicked fast typing ( and a really really good spell check program, haha!) I think the voice is the most important part! Yes, It'll be a regular thing. Excited to hear Kael on Wednesday!