September 28, 2012

Eight Amazing Years.

It was hours and hours and hours into my SECOND induction before you decided you might as well come over and in to my arms. More than likely you just didn't want to hurt my feelings by making me wait any more. I have never before in my life longed to meet another person like I longed to meet you. I fought to bring you in to my life for years, and then you were there. You, my daughter, were the first bold burst of color in a life that I didn't even know was black and white. You absolutely and unequivocally changed who I am to the core of my being. There aren't words to express my gratitude for you and everything that you are. The world was quiet and you burst in to song.
I remember the first time you squished your face to mine, pressing with all your teeny tiny might in a wide mouthed gooey wet kiss. It was a true moment. When you pulled back you had this giant grin on your face, like you were saying I DID IT!! You've been kissing me ever since, and I do know how lucky I am that you do so. When you get hurt, more often than not you are the one that ends up comforting me, your inborn sense of empathy is so amazingly strong.  You cuddle up to me, pressing as much of your body to mine as you can, and softly pat my cheek (or shoulder, now that you're older). The pure good in the world shines out of you, my sweet girl. I don't know how that happened, your mama is too flighty for that depth of goodness, and your daddy is too quiet to express it.
I ALWAYS forget something whenever I leave the house. It's a running joke, as you know, that Mom is just unable to leave the front door without immediately coming back in to grab that one thing she forgot. You've taken to employing a verbal check list for me, now. Every time. "Mom, do you have your purse? Your phone? Your water? Did you bring your homework? Do you have the keys?" I love it. I LOVE IT. It's not even a joke with you, you see a need in your flighty Mama and you fill it, sincerely and with love. That's who you are, Raegan. I see you. I do, I really see you. And I am in awe. I love you so much, Raegan. Happiest of birthdays to you on this day, I have a hard time believing it's been Eight years, you have been in my heart forever. You change the world for good in each and every moment and will always be the best obsession I've ever had.
Love, Mama
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Brandon said...

Awwww!! Happy Birthday, Miss Rae!!

The Writer said...

Sorry, that was me.