October 17, 2012

Drake Day


It's been a while since we've visited Drake Park, I'm always shot back in time when we go there, remembering piles of trips myself as a kiddo.

I may have a picture just like this of myself as a wee... I think the shaggy ridiculous sheep dog Jiggs we had for a wee little while is in it, sniffing the camera... will have to see if I can't dig up that pic!

They were big in suggesting places to take pictures...

Like under the steps ( why? I have no idea!)

They have done that hand-holding tightrope walk every time we've ever come here. Love that it's just this natural thing they do with no prompting.

It was a very vivid day here in Central Oregon, with the deep dark grumbly storm clouds that were punctuated by super bright chunks of sunlight. My favorite thing about fall is the turning of the leaves. Always stumps me how one tree can be completely turned while others of the same variety are still green. It was a fun last minute plan!

Bonus, my kids are gorgeous, which makes little photo trips in to the past that much more fun.
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