March 09, 2012

Gutter Garden Pretty


The green onions that have been growing in my window, harvested every few days for the past few months are the first visible residents in our new GUTTER GARDEN!! I love this idea so much it's painful. The rest of the gutter is stuffed full of tiny baby strawberry plants tht Kael and I prepared this beautiful afternoon, some with an early bloom and fruit and some with a late bloom and fruit. I am really looking forward to strawberries, fresh from our gutter garden, all summer long~! We're crafting another version of a gutter garden for the front of the house, one we'll stuff full of pansies and other colorful pretties to welcome people to our home with. In the mean time I've filled our one lonely hanging basket with an early planting. Fingers crossed I don't kill them, lol!

Because they sure are pretty!

And finally... we did it. Actually built and stained a raised planting bed. As soon as we've got the soil and Llama poo to fill it up I'm going to plant a family supply of vegetables!! Tomatos, suger snap peas, carrots, spinich, corn, and.... what else??  I also think some pumpkins? I think it'd be awesome to harvest our own for Halloween, and I'm betting the kids would love that as well.  I'm really excited to be doing this with my family, It's been on my mental back burner for years.
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