February 29, 2012

Ch ch ch Changes!



We've had this king bed since before Raegan was born.. and it was time for a change! I upholstered a headboard that I built WITH button tufting ( STRIPES, Do you KNOW how hard it was to make those stripes, over FLUFFY CRAP, perfectly straight? Note to self, no matter how awesome it'll look, don't choose a stripe pattern next time), mounted it on the wall,  put the bed on a hollywood frame, built a cornice cap for the fluffy headboard, crafted some awesome rods for the ceiling ( copper! awesome!) and draped some spare curtains on it, re-hung all of my art pieces in a row... and viola! The change doesn't look like much in the pictures, but the room feels HUGEW now. That head and footboard took up quite a bit of visual space! Love it. And the best part is it was created so that it'll be a ten minute job to change out that fabric and completely change the feel of the room, again. Next step is mounting some reading lights on the walls and getting rid of those side tables. Stella's crate will move in to the closet. I'm thinking these......... what do you think?

This is the one we can both agree on..
 I am more drawn to Drum lights...  Maybe suspend from the ceiling and hang down just to the outside of the headboard on each side?

Or just mount to the wall... more than likely this one

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