March 10, 2012

A boy and the baby


This is a pairing I NEVER thought I'd see. Stella is very much my baby, has been from day one. But it turns out... Kael is her baby. He is oh so soft and caring for that pup, they cuddle together ALL THE TIME. If Kael is sitting on the couch, Stella is sitting with him. When it comes to tucking in at night Stella is sure to jump up and kiss his face all over, rubbing and cuddling with him really quick good night. If Kael gets hurt and cries out, Stella is there like lightning, rubbing on him and kissing it all better. A few weeks ago Kael took a massive dive off of his scooter onto the black top at the bottom of a hill, making mincemeat of his knees. Through his sobs the ONE thing he was able to articulate was " I wish Stella was here!! She makes me feel better." A million times a day he's cuddling her and crooning in her ear "Whose the baby? You're the baby! Stella's the baby! Awwww! Whose the baby?" as he rubs his face all over her. It'd be annoying if it weren't so damn cute. I love how much they love each other.
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