March 23, 2012

There's a baby in my collar....

Fortuitous timing. Yesterday I made the trek across the mountain to collect our newest family member... Cheeky. Yes, Cheeky. This sweet little nubbin is a wee baby love bird, just 6 weeks old, and the most adorable little thig *ever*. After much voting and debate the family decided Cheeky was the best name for the sweetheart, because when s/he's full grown s/he will have nice pink cheeks ( and a pink & blue tail...).. plus Cheeky will be an easy name to teach her to speak when she's ready. I say she, but we really have no idea. Lovebirds have identical external bits and pieces, the only way to find out gender is to do a DNA test or be patient... When the bird reaches maturity it might start trimming paper and stuffing it in it's feathers, grooming your hair ( or beard) quite a lot... if it's making it's self pretty for you, it's a girl. If it's a boy.... It'll start barfing on you. Yep, feeding you. Either way we're excited to add her ( I'll just say her, that's easier) to the family!

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