February 05, 2009

And Then Muppet Crapped All Over the Back Of The Durango

Note to self; When you smell dog poo, assume there IS dog poo and for all that is holy, do NOT say the dogs name. Dog will think you are calling him and jump over the seats.
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alyca said...

Good to know.

Cats. Poop in a contained...container. Filled with clumpingness that smells like flowers. Dump it out once a week. Cat will let you know if it is needed sooner.

Mama-Beans said...

Yes, cats re: poop in a box is both awesome ( all the poop! In one place! and not on anyones shoes!or body!!) and rediculous ( intentional box of POOP! In your house! On purpose!) but one things for sure, it won't get all over your car seats that way..........