February 06, 2009

Two Minutes Ago

Raegan: Mom! I'm a big girl and I'm helping! I changed Kael's diaper!

me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Further investigation found that she had indeed changed a super poopy diaper. Wiped and everything. New diaper applied. YAY for being helpful, and little heeby jeeby !!!! for the whole body sanctity/age weirdness. "Personal areas" were re established, praise offered with further advice to please, leave her brothers bottom alone.


~*BeRRY LoVeR*~ said...

Wow, she's pretty impressive. Although that must have been fun to explain the boundaries to them again!

~*BeRRY LoVeR*~ said...

Thanks for the comment...I love my new hair. Actually the bangs aren't any more work than my hair used to be...That was part of the deal--Low Maintenance hair!