February 01, 2009

And then he got a bath.

We came home from a long afternoon at a fab and food filled Superbowl party sans Raegan today. My little darling is now old enough to attend Superbowl parties without Mommie, thankyouverymuch. Kael's partial nap and the parental willingness to put up with half-tired boy shenanigans collided and Matt, Kael and I made an early exit. Muppet, fanciful bag of fur that he is, got to spend the day home alone. Which is fine as we've made great headway on the whole not peeing in the house argument. Our only issue with that hairy man is his incessant need to drink from the toilet, which must be curbed if we're going to keep my carpets pee-free. So usually, we've got all bathroom doors closed tightly to stop any bowl cleaning on his part while we're away. Alas, today wasn't our day. We came home to find ALL THREE toilets devoid of so much as a drop of water. And yet, not a drop of the sweet stuff on the floor. Go Muppet!

Now if we could just get Raegan to actually flush her fancy number twos before leaving the house for Superbowl parties all day...........

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