April 13, 2005

" the girls"

36 DD
( ok, if i'm being COMPLETELY honest, ONE side is a 36DD.. the other is just one D. I like to pretend otherwise, though, so please don't point and laugh when you see them enter the room in front of me, cuz the BIG one tends to get embarassed and hide in my armpit when laughed at.)

Wow, huh?

So, although flappy and pendulious, the ladies have not been disappointing in their size potential. Te Hee! What is this obsession with boobies?? I'm not quite sure myself. Maybe I focus on them to take attention away from the large spongy thing that lives under them. ( that would be my tummy, if you were curious). I have found that with the proper support system in place, the ladies can appear to be much less flappy then they are in real life.

Lets all take a moment now to be thankful for the invent of the underwire.

OK, that is sufficient homage. NO Matt, you can't thank them in person. No, you can't jiggle them in glee. You may admire from afar. Whistling is also appropriate.

Thank You

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