April 12, 2005

OK, so we're in the new place.....

It's a nice enough place. It is of a good size and all... and the walls are pretty sound-proof. Yep, Raegan can cry for quite a while before I'm really bothered by it. I know, that sounds aweful. But she has been in SUCH a POOPIE mood the last few days that I have decided that some times she really just WANTS to cry, and she is angry with me for trying to stop her, so WHO AM I to say she shouldn't cry? Being the good mommie that I am, then, I just let her cry all she wants. I'm sure if she didn't WANT to cry, she'd stop, right?
As a side note, you will be delighted to learn that pears, when digested, turn black. Now that's Interesting, isn't it?

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