April 15, 2005

"the girl"

That would be Raegan, not my left breast. I know, you are disappointed... not to worry! I'm sure I will be discussing "the ladies" again some time soon.
So, I set my daughtor down on the floor, go get a glass of water, and find her on the other side of the room sucking on a shoe. She had rolled her way accross the room... quite a feat considering all the toys she had to roll over to get there! So, I picked her up to congratulate her on her accomplishment, and found out that rolling quickly accross the floor does the same thing to babies as it does to adults. She threw up all over me.

And that was the highlight of my day.


alyca said...

oh, nice....what a reward for you. But I am sure it was amusing in its own way. I still think you should rename your blod 'my left breast' It would give it a little character....

alyca said...

Okay, your assignment for today is to make a small movie of Raegan and email it to me. Or, upload 7 pictures--your choice. The movie can be her making cute sounds or doing something interesting (like blowing bubbles or eating or something). I am sorry it has come down to this, but I am going through baby withdrawal with the lack of updated blogs for you and Davinie!!!