April 08, 2012

Someone's been busy...

Had a total blast coloring eggs with the kiddos tonight. Mom is staying with us for the Fiero Easter Bash tomorrow, so tonight she got to join in the fun! It was SO awesome! More than half the eggs are hot-eggs, colored with crayon when they're piping hot out of the water. The other half had a variety of stickers and tape put on them before being dye dipped, with the tape being re-placed after they dry for a second dip in another color. It was just a pile of fun, and the eggs are ALL SO pretty! It'll be just a shame to launch them at the tower, lol!! ( swingset turned slingshot. HAM Radio tower on property. Need I say more?) There are so many things to love about having older kids: super true fun decorating Easter Eggs is just one of them. 

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