June 22, 2011

Beach Trip, Day Two

Rae was less than thrilled, she'd rather look than touch. 
MOUNTAINS of muscles on the beach this time, many if not most of them whole and alive. Totally weird
The kids were agog over the bright colors in the muscle shells. 

This little guy was just taking a snooze on that rock, right by us. When the tide is all the way out people can clamber over to that rock, which just shows how bold these guys are getting! Later in the day Rae was collecting water from the surf to make sand castles with and a seal swam by RIGHT in front of her. Seriously, maybe 10 feet away just cruising along the coast line. 
Dragging long strips of kelp around became a favorite activity, Kael thought the weed flapping in the wind was just the "funniest thing ever ever!"
Snails. Everywhere. 
This fantastic little grotto that I scaled the cliffs to go explore.
Rock sliding. Natures playground. 
He was having a very candid and philosophical conversation about how magic his body is in that if he has to go potty, most of the time he can just hold it for a while and he doesn't need to go anymore and isn't that pretty cool of him. Rockstar pee holder. 
My little reward at the end of the day...

These tide pools at Seal Rock are just plain awesome. The kids have SUCH a blast poking and prodding all the wildlife and exploring the world around them. It's pretty dang awesome seeing your kids sponge up all that natural goodness. Stella stayed home for this beach because it's a challenge keeping my two from going head first into the water what with all the rock jumping and boulder scrambling, and I wanted hands ready to patch on a bandage or bone splint should the need occur.

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rarejule said...

What a blast... thanks for sharing such amazing photos of your travels!