February 18, 2010


Kael has never been much of a paper artist. He's not really interested in coloring or drawing or writing or anything, really, that has to do with paper unless you count tearing, folding or eating it. So imagine my surprise when he cornered me with his first real piece of intentional art, which he sat and carefully drew for me.
Imagine my surprise when he handed me this................

"It's a Helicopter!"

And then I died. I will, some day, have to explain myself and my complete and total giggle meltdown to my now-three year old.

But that day is not today.

Helicopter! Helicopter! Helicopter!





For those of you confused, it's a Rodney Carrington stand up comedy joke. Looking for a youtube now!

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Mandy said...

that would have keeled me over as well! PS- Helicopter, Helicopter is Rodney Carrington =D

Mama-Beans said...

Oh geeze Mandy, no wonder I couldn't find it!!!

Mandy said...

hahaha, ooops. I'm still surprised it didn't pop up somewhere. Hope you can find it now. =D

~*BeRRY LoVeR*~ said...

Wow, that's some helicopter! It certainly made me giggle. Seb's suddenly discovered paper airplanes but I think Kael's artwork is much more entertaining. haha