February 24, 2010

The Nemos and the BlueFish

Protein skimmer installed, salt integrated, pump filter repaired then repaired again then kicked a few times then replaced and cycled for a week. Live holy-crap-expensive rock in place, fish, snails, crabs purchased... Our saltwater tank has begun!!!!! SQUEEEE!!!! If all is well in a week to ten days, and nothing dies, ( including the cat which seems to spend a gross amount of time trying to get inside the tank) we will get to go pick out our starter ANEMONES!!!!!! The tank looks sadly nekkid right now, but we're just starting out... don't want to load it up too quickly for fear of my ineptitude killing everything and we end up flushing, literally, hundreds of dollars down the toilet.
But for just starting out it looks dang fancy! AND! Today is day two.... and nothing has died yet!! The kids are thrilled with it. I was hoping to name those clown fish something fancy like Ozzy and Harriet, but it looks like we may just be calling them "the Nemos" ( Fast and Big)because that is what the kids squeal at them all. day. Who am I to mess with that kind of intensity? The blue fish, who were ALL the children's' idea, have been ignored. They aren't fancy looking and they have zero personality. I agreed because hey, if they die I won't feel very bad. They have no names at all, just "the blue fish". I have tiny hopes that they become something fun to look at some day. In the mean time, they provide us with something to complain about now that the pump, which I was seconds from backing over in the driveway, has been replaced. Free advice: Never buy Fluval. The end.
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Franay said...

It looks fabulous!!!

alyca said...

Good luck to you in your saltwater endeavors. My boss (who makes probably $150K a year) got rid of his after a year or so because he calculated out how much money he was having to spend on it and nearly lost his mind. A bit spendy on the upkeep.

I do love those 'Nemos' though. I saw some of their cousins in Australia and squealed 'Nemo' at them through my snorkel. Repeatedly.

Mama-Beans said...

They are sure more expensive to set up then I had ever thought they'd be, but I'm told maintainance is not too bad... just salt and food... fingers crossed. We're already in over our head on the expense here, too late to turn back now! As much as I love it, had I known that all my nickles and dimes would add up to even half of our current total I more then likely wouldn't have done it an stuck with cheaop-fresh tanks. So crossing fingers that it is as simple to maintain as I'm told ( as far as expense, lol!) because I AM loving all these critters!