December 25, 2009

The Eve Event

Dinner with the Fieros, kids all played out, we finished up the evening with a trip through Eagle Crest to see all the lights, and off to bed the munchkins went! Matt and I then set up and wrapped last minute gifts, brought out the squeeker, and documented our Christmas Eve.

Name suggestions? On the list now are: Talula (tuh-loo-luh), cutie pie (um... nope), Trouble, Sam, Cuddle, Peanut Butter (pb?), Bubba, and Santa Clause. We're running out of ideas.
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Kate said...

I like Talula :)

Franay said...

I think you should go with Waldorf.

Anonymous said...

I think she is "adorable" so you could call her Dorie !!
Love Gramie

ChickPilot said...

I vote for peanut butter. But that's just me ;-)