June 07, 2009

What Works


Lunch time is oft fight time around my home. Raegan can be incredibly picky about her meals, and Kael seems to copy what she does when it comes time to react to the food in front of her. I've gotten around this unfortunate mimickry by being super silly myself. Face lunch. Weather it's edemame hair or rasin nostrils, if her lunch is in the shape of a face Raegan will eat just about anything!
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Lisa RM said...

If you don't mind, I'm stealing these ideas. For husband.

Anonymous said...


Very creative!!

I am impressed!!

You can also do that idea on
P B J's using raisins and chips for ears..
and more imaginations.
You're creative!!

Keep it up!!



rarejule said...

Wow... you've got a cookbook there, or something, for picky eaters!

Jaymee said...

cute!! hotdog guy cracks me up!!