June 28, 2009

Twilight Obsession: Discussion 1

Jasper Hale

p.18 Twilight.
"Another was taller, leaner, but still muscular and honey blond. "

This is the man that we learn is 19/20ish and the model-esque vampire newborn fighting machine. Big. Tough. Fast. Intimidating, yet super sexy. Jackson Rathbone? Is this who you picture as Jasper Hale? Or am I just too blinded by the aweful hair style choice the director used?

Also, he seems to be channeling Johnny Depp in Benny & Joon for most of his facial expressions in Twilight. He's supposed to look cautiously reserved, aware that he wants to eat you, eat you dead, and yet putting forth a dignified effort to not pounce on you at the littlest whim.
Not on the verge of vomiting as he runs away crying.

And...................... Discuss!

*edit* OH MY GAWD. It has already been done! Jasper/Edward Scissorhands???

And now that I look at it, it may be that Rathbone is simply taking his facial cues from all things Depp.......Except it's not the sexy, HOTT Depp we all know and love, but the goofy one we all kind of giggle at...

Jasper is supposed to be HOT! Come on Rathbone!


daega99 said...

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Oh my - I hadn't even thought of that. That's quite... weird! LMAO!

ICLW #31

Shannon said...

lol! so true! and yeah, Jasper should be hot but he should also be kinda bad-a$$. i didn't find that actor either, really

Lorena said...

I really hate Jasper's hair! lol and i agree with that jessica on the movie when she mentions him as the one who looks like he's in pain lol

Mama-Beans said...

I think the brief glimpse of Jasper we get during the baseball scene hints at some bad-ass.. and with the fitted t-shirt you get a taste of some hott... but the rest of the time his rediculous hair and barf-worthy facial expressions just kill it for me.
Better directing in New Moon, lets hope!

Sassy Nicole said...

Everything about this movie was disappointing.