July 01, 2005

9 months ( and counting)

OK, today was Raegans 9 month checkup.. lady looks good! 50th percentile for everything ( slightly higher in length though). 18lb 7oz. Plus, today she got a SHOT but the nurse, PEGGY was SO AWESOME! Raegan didn't even CRY, she was so fast and efficient! The only checkup that has been quick, informative and painless. Yeah!

In other news......( drum roll, please)


upper left, which i find funny cuz she got her lower right one first.. It will be photographable in a few weeks, so I'll submit new toofie smile pictures then!


Davinie said...

Of course, I had to look 'er up to see where Morgan was at when she was 9 months......... and my little tank was 21 lb 4 oz (75th percent) and 29" tall (90th) - EGADS!

Anonymous said...
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