June 27, 2005

OK, Explain this, please.

I can't get Raegan to eat. I put the food in her mouth, she puts the food on her tray, or bib, or the floor. Swallowing does not happen ( much). She'll eat cheese, and applesauce. The rest gets a grimace and is spit out ( assuming I can get it in her mouth in the first place instead of, say, her nose). She USED to eat rather well! Not for the last week. So tell me, then, why is it that she'll happily eat lint, grass, or dirt clods without any prompting? Q-Tip in the bathroom floor? Yum Yum ( it was clean). Mystery lump of paperish stuff found near the laundry room? Tasaty. Grass clump on the bottom of Dads shoe? ( he had just mowed... hoping no dog poo there as well) Delicious! DOG FOOD? Goodie Goodie. Oatmeal? Peas? Pears & Chicken? Yuck Yuck Yuck. I DO NOT understand. Should I just spread her food on the kitchen floor and let her crawl around and put it in her mouth? Wait it out? She's getting 95% ( of more) of her nutrition from bottles these days... isn't that supposed to be something like 60% by now? Sure, she'll happily chew on a carrot all day ( eating none of it, just teething ) , but turns her nose up at diced cooked carrots for dinner.
Maybe I should be washing the clothes in baby food so that the lint she inevitably eats at least has some nutritional value.
Or not.

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Davinie said...

Welcome to my world! It's normal. Be patient and keep trying.