February 09, 2014

Redmond Oregon Snowpocolypse 2014

Record breaking snow this weekend meant my kids finally got to
experience a true winter like I remember having as a little one,
though I've never experienced crazy snow like this! My trusty little
truck got us around town just fine ( as long as the chains are on..)
and after a trip to the theater for a mid-day thawing we went back out
with our BFF's and did some more time in the snow! I even got a little
bit of snow shoeing in!


alyca said...

It snowed like this our first year in Oregon. You would have been on kindergarten. Fun!

Sabrina said...

We shot past the all time record high for snowfall in Oregon in any month by a few inches, but I remember the snow being ten feet tall as a kid, lol!!