May 27, 2013

Good. Grief.

He can be irritating as all hell, but Muppet is just MAGIC when it comes to nurturing the little ones. Murdock is just barely 7 weeks and still needs his Mama.. Muppet fills in nicely.

 Aren't these boys adorable??!! They are fitting in nicely with the dogs... Squeaker is still being a bit of an arsehole, but I suspect she'll get over it soon enough. In the mean time, behold the cuteness!!

Introducing Deuce ( big brother on the left) and Murdock, the wee little man on the right! The newest two in the Merritt zoo! That said, two dogs and three cats... that's not too many animals. Seems just perfect, to me!


Davinie Fiero said...

there's no way muppet just sitting around, chilled out, and a baby kitty came along and fell asleep in the crook of his elbow. ADORABLE picture though.

you are going to to need to add on just to make room for all the pets! you crack me up. love the kitty names.

we are getting a pup soon. put in (another) deposit. babies are due in june and we signed up as first choice for a yellow. can't decide whether we want a boy or girl. we want both, but it might be too much to take on right now for several reasons. fur babies are a necessity in the household, as you can agree.


Sabrina said...

Oh that's just how it happens! Muppet sleeps on the doormat behind my chair, and Murdock just gravitates towards him whenever he's nappy.You should see the other hundred pictures in the sequence we got, lol! Had to be super sneaky because if I get up so does Muppet, so Matt crept around the table with my camera and shot away. Muppet picked up his head once he realized that noise was directed at him & Murdock scooted up into the warm spot that created and voila, cute puppy kitten photo.