August 13, 2012

Finger Weaving Goodness

Showed her once, and that's all it took! Raegan has made a good dozen friendship bracelets and necklaces, & seeing her sitting at her safety pin pillow just makes me all gooey inside. I'd spend HOURS each day as a kiddo doing just exactly the same thing, it is just crazy plumb awesome seeing my wee little me doing the same thing now.
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Kate Sprague said...

Hi - I found your post by searching for four finger weaving. Lots of results, but yours is the only one I found that is the kind of weaving I was hoping to find! Can you direct me to a resource to relearn this technique? I've forgotten over the years! Thanks!

Sabrina said...

I'm not sure where you'd find it online... so just for fun I'll have my kiddo do a tutorial when she gets home from school! Check back!