August 27, 2012

And the BIG DEAL of the day IS........

Two days ago, Kael took a header down the slide when he was attempting to surf down rather than slide. Landed on his face on the metal slide walls and knocked his front tooth loose. A visit to the dentist today confirmed that he'd snapped the root on one of his front teeth, chipped the root of the other, and both were beginning to abscess. Sweet. Kael's first baby teeth were taken out today and Mama was a mess.. but while I'm not thrilled on his behalf about the tooth-hole he's going to have for the next few years, he could NOT BE more gawdamn cute right now. The lisp is KILLING ME. He doesn't know, thank goodness, that he could ask for the moon and instead of replying with my usual "some day" I'd be on the phone looking for a long ladder to get it for him.
When we took the gauze off after getting home and he got a first glimpse at his new look, he turned to me with a stunned expression on his face, then burst in to grin and said;

" Oh my GOSSHH, Mom!! My new thmile is THO CUTE!"

And it most certainly is, my boy. Sorry you didn't get to wiggle and pull like all the other kids, but you were so amazingly brave today that you earned the same lost-tooth merit badge.
I am SO proud of you.  

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