July 29, 2012

We're trying to maximize our time together and spend more time outside this summer, so we've begun our summer Saturday Adventures! Last week we went to Tumalo State park, which I haven't done since I was a tiny mite. It was beautiful and I *will* remember to post the pictures! This week we went to Three Creeks Lake and Campground. Quite possibly the most beautiful place in nature I've seen. No luck fishing at the lake ( and I'm really the only one that wanted to, anyway) and EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes so thick it's hard to breathe ( giant fail, BullFron Mosquito Coast!) but the views on the hike were just BREATHTAKING. Tons of fun... till my camera broke. The glass thingie inside the camera body just.. fell out. Dammit. These are the few shots grabbed before I started bawling, lol!

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rarejule said...

Fabulous photos... on what looks to be a wonderful new tradition of adventure! Thanks for sharing. So sorry about the camera.