May 26, 2012

Cub Dash

Last Friday the 18th my kiddos participated in a "Kids Run for Fun" Cub Dash fund raiser for their school. I HATE the budget cuts, right now the PE program as well as the PTA and some of the arts programs are on the cutting board. The Cub Dash run was to raise the money necessary to continue those programs on to next year and we *just* missed reaching the goal. We didn't get much response to our fundraising requests but those that did respond blew us out of the water with their unexpected generosity.  I know Rae and Kael were SUPER proud to have their names called as some of the top fundraiser's because of them.
On to the running... The kids ran at different times. Kael's K class ran with the 4th and 5th graders in the morning while Rae's class ran with the afternoon K kids and the other 1st & second & 3rd graders. I was unsure what to expect with Kael so imagine my surprise when he ended up running 3.25 miles!!!! I'd join him every few laps just to keep his spirit up, but he was pretty content to run/walk/goof off the entire hour and managed to get one of the longest distances for his grade. Super proud of him, especially since he really didn't care, lol!

Last year Rae also ran 3.25 miles. She was pretty driven to do so and was more thrilled to be impressing me than to have run the distance she did. This year I was curious to see how she'd do with another year of growth under her belt coupled with her strengthening personality. Starting at half a mile in I joined her for two or three laps at a time between breaks for pics ( for the most part.. I couldn't run the whole time because I had Kael to supervise in the grandstands.). She wasn't as enthusiastic this year and opted to walk a little more often when I wasn't with her than she did last year, but was still very gung ho to run with me and super driven to make me proud ( I guess she doesn't yet fully realize that she always will make me proud just for being who she is, she doesn't have to earn that..)
That last lap run to make her FOURTH MILE was done chanting "I can do it" under her breath while I jogged beside her with positive words of encouragement to keep her feet moving. FOUR MILES. And she finished with fifteen seconds to spare!!!!!! I know she had the furthest distance of all the 1st and 2nd graders, and I think she had the 3rd longest distance of the whole school ( will have to verify that..) but y'all. I have no words for how proud I am of that girl. No words. She had a stitch in her side at the beginning of the 3rd mile, her knees have been hurting lately from growing pains. None of her friends were all that driven to run, most were lollygagging along just goofing off. Not my girl. Hurting and uncomfortable, she jogged along with her mama, the last half mile without stopping, and KICKED ASS. I was this stupid blubbering mess the whole day, seeing my kids doing this normal kid stuff and ESP seeing Rae give it her ALL... And even then, she could have run more. She finished that 4th mile and she was out of breath but not so exhausted that she couldn't giggle and chat with her friends right away.. She still had a half mile or more in her if she'd had more time. Just... Wow. I don't know where she got it but I love that I may have a little runner on my hands.

This summer I've made a promise to take her to the track and jog with her a few times a week. Next year.... We're going for five miles.

( 4.5 miles. That's how far I managed to lug my arse throughout the day. I know you were wondering.    ;-)  )

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rarejule said...

I love that Rae is stylin' in the glasses when she runs... way to go, kiddos! You've done your Momma proud.