April 02, 2012


The little booger is fitting right in! She has DEFINITELY found her bite, and we're working with her on that, but when she's not curiously biting the crap out of you she is just so stinkin' cute it's painful. Today,Cheeky was using me as a human jungle gym of play while I get some bead work done, toodling up and down my back and around the chair cushion playing with Muppet through the chair slats. All of a sudden she gets a wild idea and launches herself off the back of the chair in her little version of flight and lands on Muppet's FACE, clinging to all his woolly hair as she cheeps at him. Muppet freezes and carefully picks up his front foot to slowly shove her off his face. Then backs up as she plops on the floor. GOOD DOG, Leftover pork chop for YOU! She has, despite my depositing her on one of the kids whenever possible, clearly picked me. Goofypoo. She makes these little coo's and clucks at me when she's playing or.. Insecure? If she can't figure out how to climb up her cage to get to my waiting hand she pee-pee's this tiny little sound at me of distress, or if one of the dogs gets a little closer than she was prepared for she'll come running back to my face with a tiny little chitter-peep sound to hide under my chin.

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