January 03, 2012


Coming from a long line of super handy do-it-yourself folks, I'm a handy girl with a do-it-yourself attitude that I've been stiffeling for the last fifteen years, for some unknown reason. Whenever a "handy" project would come up I'd leave it to someone else. Why? I'd always end up slightly frustrated because the project didn't get done in the method/time frame/quality/etc that I would have done it. Something has come over me lately and that is all starting to change. I have the damn skills and knowledge to get this sh*t done, I don't need anyone to do it for me.

Three days ago I shopped for the perfect trim & the worlds cheapest miter box and cut, sanded, primed, painted, sealed, assembled, liquid nailed, spackled, and touched up the most fantastic big black frame for the builders quality mirror glued to the wall in the downstairs bathroom.


The day before yesterday I completely disassembled the toilet and cleaned out all the nooks and crannies before I painted the balance of the bathroom rather than just having the one bold wall as originally intended. Yes, it's a crazy bold color that won't go well for a re-sale, but we're here for at least another five years so I don't give a hoot.  I also painted and sealed all of the trim a deep black after sanding down all the flaking paint from the cheap and unsealed white the builder used.

Yesterday I stripped, sanded, stained, stained, stained, stained, varnished, varnished again, and reassembled the cabinet under the sink. It's a black stain and looks rustic black in person, but it looks dark brown in photos. Go figure. It looks fantastic with the blue and solid black trim in person, I promise!

Today I'm stealing my handy brother-in-law's compound miter saw and adding a framing trim all along the ceiling. The sad cheap plastic miter box  that didn't have it's miter cuts go all the way to the bottom and kept pinching the saw and shredding my thin concave quarter round previously purchased somehow managed to get backed over with my car. Several times. It's a mystery as to how that happened. No worries, said brother in law assures me I'll be getting a long safety lecture on the use of said saw when I informed him that I didn't need him to do the project for me. Handy as my lineage is, it's also short more than a few fingers.

And who knows what will happen tomorrow. Re-finishing that counter top? Laying some new flooring? There's got to be a stain for that....
Re-claiming my handy heritage, one random unnecessary house project at a time.

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