November 27, 2011

Just a Record

I think I have annoyed to the N'th degree just about everyone in cyber land with my SQUEEEE at my current weight loss success, so now I'm off to add the WWW of blogland to that list.
Luckily, no one reads here anymore without a Facebook link, lol!
So here's my bullet list of things I want to remember about being the skinny bit*h:

1: A new appreciation for squishy chairs. I have always been generous of bum, so to be 31 and for the first time actually *feel* my butt bones grinding against my hard dining chairs has been quite an experience. Is there a certain way y'all sit to make this less uncomfy? The hours I spend in class on those hard plastic chairs are killing me, I've taken to wearing a thick coat even if I don't need it just to sit on when I get there! ANd have stolen a couch pillow for my computer chair. It's sad.

2: Surprise again and again when I realize my thighs aren't touching. It's amazing. This has never happened in my memory, even in high school I was a 'rubber. Methinks it's because of the lack of muscle in that general area, but I'll take what I can!

3: I have the tiniest flappiest little boobies imaginable. At one point a 34DD, they are now.... Considerably smaller. CONSIDERABLY. Small downside. Small flappy wobbly downside. Meh.

4: The energy the energy the energy!! WOW!! Is this what healthier people feel like all the time??!!

5: Just seeing my pant size makes me feel good. Then putting them on and finding that they are maybe a wee bit baggy? Floating on air.

6: Clavicle.

7: Every morning I shower and head to my closet to get dressed. And it's not stressful. It's not a chore. I don't hate it, because everything in my closet will fit me. Nothing will have a bulge here that I have to suck in, or a lump there that I have to camouflage. That right there is the biggest secret high.

8: I'm no longer the biggest person at the gym. Being the fluffy girl among the fitness goddesses is hard. 

9: Push-ups give me a weird sense of satisfaction. But I still hate them ( even as I do my daily set)

10: Underwire issues.. as in, the bras that fit my weenie teenie boobies are for much younger girls, I'm thinking, who don't have a nice wide rib cage from carrying babies. The result of that is a painful clavicle as the underwire on my pushed-to-the-middle itsy bitsy bras tends to dig in to the now considerably less fatty skin there. I'm thinking the girls this was designed for would have a narrower ribcage so the wires would be more rounded out in the middle and not dig. Either way, weird thing to all of a sudden deal with.

11: There's this crease? Under my bum cheeks? And I can feel it when I walk. Weird.

There is more. But this is what I've got for now.

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