November 04, 2011

CLEARLY the Largest RedNeck.

say we're going to the Monster Truck Rally for the kids; it'll be fun! They'll have a blast! But oh so clearly, it's all for me. Kael was done by the time intermission hit, but Rae was holding strong. Neither of us will have a voice tomorrow, lol! This show had motocross riders doing insane flips and tricks in the air, and I was done for. Good grief, I'm hooked. Gah. You know what they say; you can take the girl out of the backwoods po-dunk mud-boggin' country, but.................
..... what? Are my roots showing??!!

eta: Yes, we let Rae go without her glasses. There is so much dust flying around in that place, she'd have spent the whole time fighting to see through them. 


alyca said...

Cool to watch, and a good mama pat on the back for the ear protection. Just don't let your kids start riding motorcross-- I cannot begin to tell you how often we get kids and adults at work that are injured in motorcross accidents. People think that because they are slower than motorcycles, and not out on the streets with cars, they are safe.

Sabrina said...

Oh they were double covered in the ears, with buds in their ears under the over ear muffs. Honestly, I don't think it'd be possible to be in that stadium without them, it is SO LOUD and vibrant that it hurts, you can feel your eardrums getting ready to break. Insane. Also, goodness NO NO NO on the motocross. Half of the reason it's so awesome to watch is because OMG, I can't believe he's DOING SOMETHING SO DANGEROUS!!