June 05, 2011

Mad Daddy Skillz

A day in the rain with a screw driver. The kids are THRILLED, and I'm wearing my happy smile. They've been begging for a swing set for years, and we just now have room to accommodate them. Thanks Matt! We love it!!! Now for the hard part.... what color to paint it?


alyca said...

Stain it--don't paint it. THe idiots who had our house before us painted wood outside (stairs,deck, etc), and it is a serious pain in the behind to try to get up the old paint and put down new paint (or stain as we are planning) once that old stuff looks ratty. Soooo much easier to revise stain. And you can get stain in lots of colors, too--not just browns.

Sabrina said...

Whoops yah, that was a mis type.. planning on a bold stain. It's totally untreated wood so we have to do something. Thinking... super deep chocolate/black? or perhaps a crazy bold blue? Or mossy green?

Anonymous said...

Looks like he did a great Job!!
You Rock, Matt!