April 18, 2011

Bangle Snaps

Would you, could you, in the sun? Would you, could you, on the run?

 Just felt like throwing a rhyme out there. Your welcome.

 Messin' whith those dang beads again! This one was a custom request, a ten inch ankle bracelet in a dainty size. The gal ordering will be a blushing bride at the end of this summer and is going sans jewelry/straps the whole warm season to avoid tan lines, but wanted something she could wear that would be minimally noticeable should she get a white stripe. I love it, it's simple and turned out well! What do you think? Does this look like something you'd ever purchase to wear this summer? ( and if you've got a second, go check out my Bangle Snaps link on the right. It's a facebook page and not only am I a glutton for "likes" on the page, I'd really love some feedback ( good AND bad!) on the other things I've crafted!)
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