March 27, 2011

Something Beautiful

I've challenged myself ( and everyone who follows me on facebook.. which you should totally do....) to take a second to really notice something beautiful every day. Today, it was Kael and Muppet playing cars together. Gawd, Muppet really is the *perfect* kids dog. SO patient and kind. Yah, he can be overwhelming during outside play just because he's so big, but these kids could do whatever they want to him and he'll just take it. He snoozed while Kael zoomed cars up and down his body, sat patiently as Kael put his paws on car after car & pushed them around with his feet, and was just as interested in the results of the great body racetrack as Kael was. Today, that is my something beautiful: my big man Muppet, and how much he loves my kids. 

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