February 05, 2011

Better than the smell of fresh rain on dirt

Riding. Matt has a co-worker who trains and sells horses when she isn't fielding complaint calls, and she has invited is out several times to learn on her projects. Jasmine, this lovely four legged gal, is an absolute sweetheart and has been fantastic at introducing my kiddos to the magical world of horses. Now, I've got no clue what their instructor is teaching as I've never ridden "fancy", but rather am used to good ol' work horses.. but Raegan couldn't be more in her element. She listens to instruction carefully and promptly does all she's told in order to ride the proper way.. It's just awesome. Kael is still a bit twitchy, so he doesn't last long on the ground or on horse back, but we all have an awesome time visiting.
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The Writer said...

That's awesome!! Rae looks like such a little lady these days!

rarejule said...

Look at that huge smile on Rae's face!! What a delight to share with both of your children.