May 22, 2010

First Session, Raegan

Rae is doing SO well.. despite her lackluster teachers. There are two instructors for the three kids, and one of them is a bit of a lump, the other much more bouncy but less... instructor-y. Yesterday we had a substitute teacher and he was FANTASTIC and finally it all clicked for her! So awesome to see her working so hard to master these skills, and dang cute to boot! I'm keeping her in the same skill level all summer so that she can really be ready for the next step up this fall, but I'm thinking swim may be the *thing* for this girl! We even bought her a swim cap.. it was mostly to keep her hair from getting so hopelessly tangled up in the water since she's such a poof about getting it brushed, but it has turned out to be a great investment for class as she's not spending half her time brushing her hair out of her eyes. Even in a pony tail it would plaster it's self to her face and interrupt her concentration. Bonus being she feels mighty fancy with it on & we smear her dry hair with conditioner to get the cap in place so when she rinses off after class she has the softest healthiest hair!

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Anonymous said...

What an accomplishment!
She will be able to "take" her swimming skills very far ...
for the rest of her life!!
Raegan ROCKS!