July 13, 2009


I planned out this fun craft and took a thousand actually pretty good photos of the kids doing said project, and pics of the inevitable paint mess that happened because of said project, and just now realized, an hour through editing, that I can't post any of the photos. Because Raegan isn't wearing a shirt. I had them take off clothes because we're using acrylic and it stains, period. So they were crafting au' natural, and it was a beautiful and fun and happy moment. And because I love and protect my children, and have been warned ad' nauseum about Internet perverts, I can't share that super fun happy moment with you. I hate that. I hate that it is necessary. We'll finish the project tomorrow and I'll make sure my princess is modest, but for now all you get is this. You'll have to use your imagination.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Bummer! But.. protecting the babes is a must! I agree with you!