July 19, 2009

Because the world is out there, like it or not.

For the most part I'm a super lazy parent. I tend to say yes unless there's a darn good reason to say NO, and my kids run all over me. I know this and I'm fine with it. But there are some things I do put my foot down on. Some times I do parent. Some things I will just not allow my children to play with. Guns are one of those things. Matt has guns, and I'm fine with that. Guns have a real purpose, I'm not opposed to them, in general. But they aren't toys, and I think it's just horrible that they are treated as such. Guns are for killing, period. That is their purpose. And killing, it isn't something children need to be involved in. Even squirt guns.. you win when you hit the other person. It's training for little ones to encourage what I think is a violent thought process. Nerf guns, same thing. You win when the opponant dies or is hit or goes down, etc. That isn't funny, and it isn't something I feel it's healthy to play at. So my kids don't have guns of any sort.
And yet.
I hear Kael making this just weird noise shortly after pulling out the Legos........

It just goes to show, we can't shelter our children completely. Not that I'll stop trying.. Although I have to say, I take a little pride in the fact that he only has the vaguest idea of the shape of a "gung", and he honestly thinks the sound a gung makes is GUNGUNGUNGUNGUNGUNGUNG!!!


Lisa RM said...

"Sometimes I do." If I had a nickel every time Ken came up with that one.

Kate M said...

I had the same rule when Co was little...not that it isn't still a rule, it's just not a rule anyone consistantly enforces anymore. I am convinced that boys have this instinctual gun "knowledge" and no matter how hard you try, little boys (and some little girls for that matter) can turn ANYTHING into a gun even if they have never even seen one. So, you will occasionally hear me say "if you're gonna use that as a gun, you're gonna lose it" immediately followed by "Bang, bang! I got you!!!!"

Beautiful Mess said...

We tired to do that with our son, too. Well I tried to do that with our son, I should say. He still picked it up. he even picked up the noise a car makes as he pushed it across the floor. We hadn't taught that to him, yet. It's odd how they pick up things without our knowledge.

Thank you for the tips on the cake. I did most of what you had suggested(!)*YAY go me* And you're right, the store bought fondant didn't taste very good. I didn't color it because I wasn't that brave. So we had a "snow scene" construction site cake...lol