June 24, 2009

Free Bird





Anyone who knows me knows that I am a textbook hellicopter parent. Now I could spend all day justifying my parenting, ( if there is a way to kill or "just" maim himself or others, Kael will find it) but the bottom line is, I like to keep as much control over my kids as possible. Mupppet, being the third child, has suffered the most from this parenting style. So today was a big day, both for Muppet and for myself. You see, today is the day that I let go of the leash and actually let Muppet play. I was worried sick he'd head straight for the open spaces in the fenced courtyard & promptly run into traffic and get run over. Or just run away. But not my Muppet! Where I was, he was. I'd call and he'd scamper right over to me, no matter what else was happening around him. SUCH a good boy! I don't think I'll ever be confortable enough to go off leash anywhere that isn't mostly fenced in, but for now we're both pretty happy and proud of ourselves.
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Lisa RM said...

Oi. I had to look up helicopter parenting, but after reading a bit about them- oi. I've had to deal with one undergraduate's helicopter parent, and wanted smack both parent and child multiple times over the course of the semester.

Davinie said...

Yay for freedom!