May 18, 2009

Summer a'la Kael

The hot has hit! Finally! Summer has arrived fast and furious, just a short 13 days ago we had hail all over the place. I hope it sticks around for a while! The kids are loving the warm and it shows. Playing outside has become fun again rather then a fight. Our little yard got frostbitten ( or maybe over fertilized last fall?) and most of the grass is dead. Dead dead, no coming back. So our yard looks aweful. We're fighting to get it back to some version of green with overseeding, careful feeding, and prompt watering down of pup pee... but I sincerely hope we're able to pull off a home purchase late this summer. We need a bigger yard!!!!! The plan is wherever we end up, we're installing a door in the garage that leads off to part of the yard that we can fence off just for Muppet, so that the kids can have a nice large green place to play. I'm eager to take this next step even as I'm terrified we won't be able to get our ducks in a row to make it work. Fingers crossed that we can pull this off!
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Jaymee said...

loving the pool slide. you are such a cool mom.